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Fennel and Sundried Tomato Chicken Burgers (freezer friendly)

I have always enjoyed the combination of Fennel and sun-dried tomato.  I had leftover shredded chicken left and I decided to make these burgers.  Also, the days are warming up and it’s always nice to have homemade burgers ready to go in the freezer.


4 cups of shredded chicken, ground in a food processor

1 medium onion chopped

2 Tbsp of sun-dried tomato

1/2 Tbsp of fennel seeds, garlic powder, parsley, chilli flakes

salt and pepper to taste

1 egg

1 cup of bread crumbs (add more or less depending on the moisture of your mixture)


Grind the shredded chicken and set aside

In a food processor, blend all the ingredients other than the bread crumbs.

Pour the spice, onion, tomato, egg mixture to the chicken.  Add the breadcrumbs.

Mix to combine. DO NOT overmix.

Form into burgers ( size? well that is up to you– I made 8).  Arrange on wax paper on a cookie sheet and freeze.

Once frozen, throw them in a ziploc bag and you have burgers ready to go !

When you want to cook these, throw them frozen on a greased cookie sheet (lined with tin foil) in a 400 degree preheated oven for 40 mins turning half way.  OR ofcourse, you could grill them too.  I like to bake them and have them ready for lunches/dinners for the week.


7 thoughts on “Fennel and Sundried Tomato Chicken Burgers (freezer friendly)”

  1. Wonderful tips! I’ve never even thought about making chicken burgers from scratch! I’m excited to try this recipe out on my picky eaters. I think they’ll LOVE it!


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