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Sunday Stir-fry, Part 1: Chicken in Classic Sauce


I love Chinese takeout.  I love eating with chopsticks straight out of the paper container.  Alas, there is no Chinese takeout in my neck of the woods, so I have to make do with homemade versions.  I still have not figured out the secret to Asian cooking, so I take a lot of help from the store.  There is one particular brand of stir-fry sauce that I like because it is low in sugar content.  It is on the pricier side, so I stock up when the sauce goes to sale.  The rest of the ingredients, well, put in whatever you like!





  • 1-1.5 lbs of chicken breast, cubed
  • 1 Tbsp of ginger paste
  • 1 Tbsp of minced garlic
  • 2 Tbsp of Sambal Olek (use less if desired, I like it spicy)
  • 1/2 bottle of the Tsang Classic Sauce
  • 1 bag of frozen broccoli florets
  • 1 can of baby corn
  • 1 can of oyster mushrooms
  • 2 Tbsp of canola/vegetable oil
  • Salt and white pepper (yes, white) to taste
  • White sesame seeds (garnish)


  1. Heat oil in a wok.  While the oil heats up, cube chicken


  • Fry chicken with salt and pepper till pale golden
  • Add ginger, garlic and sambal olek-saute for a few minutes
  • Add all the vegetables and saute for 5-10 mins, till the water released from the vegetables has mostly evaporated.



  • Add the sauce and saute for another 5-10 mins, till the stir-fry comes to desired consistency.  I like it a little on the runny side–more sauce for rice/noodles !!!


  • Garnish with white sesame seeds and serve hot !!!IMG_20190303_122239
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Thai style Hot and Sour Soup


I have an obsession with Asian style soups.  I think I get it from my dad.  I remember as a child downing a chicken egg drop soup and my dad and I would compete to see who had the longest egg-drop! Whenever I get a hankering for Asian soups, I would order take out.  Then I realized the amount of junk I was putting in my system, so I did some research and found this recipe.  It is easy, healthy and hits the spot ! I hope you like it.



You will need:

Canned goods: Bamboo shoots, baby corn and straw mushrooms

Fresh stuff: Cilantro, scallions, juice of two limes and ginger paste

Carton stuff: Chicken stock and Liquid Eggs

Asian sauces: Sambal and fish sauce.

Spices: White pepper, salt.

This is where the recipe gets super complicated.  Dump everything in a pot and boil away.  OK, but here are a few tips.  I add 2 tbsp of fish sauce to every 32 Fl Oz chicken stock carton.  I like to add two heaping tablespoons of crushed ginger.  I added juice of four limes–that makes it nice and tart, but stick with two if you don’t like sour.  Add as much Sambal as you like.  White pepper is a must ! It tastes spicier than regular black pepper.  I use a whole bunch of scallions and a lot of cilantro.


IMG_0981 IMG_0982 IMG_0983 IMG_0984 IMG_0985

Once your soup is ready, stream in eggs and gently stir to create the egg drops.IMG_0986

Serve piping hot !

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Oven-braised Soy-Sriracha Chicken


I was tried of my usual baked chicken lunches, so I decided to add an Asian flare to it.  Sriracha is all the rage in recipes now so I decied to hop on that band-wangon and  give it a shot.  This recipe can very well be done on the stove top, but with all the rain we have been getting I thought turning on the oven would be a good idea.  I hope you enjoy this recipe !


4 large boneless skinless chicken breasts

1/4 cup soy sauce

2 Tbsp of rice wine vinegar

2 Tbsp of Sriracha

1 inch ginger, thinly sliced

1 tsp of sesame seeds


Marinade the chicken breasts with all the ingredients, overnight in an oven proof dish.


Preheat the oven to 375F

Bake the chicken, covered for 30 mins.

For the last 15 mins ( or till the chicken is cooked through), remove the cover and spoon the pan broth over the chicken every 5 mins.


Let the chicken cool a little bit, serve slice and spoon over the pan juices.

I eat it as is, but a side of jasmine rice would fork really well.


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Soy-Ginger-Lime poached Chicken and Zucchini

This recipe is for those last few days of summer when you get zucchini, that are kind of sad looking, but you still want them.  It is a simple, super healthy, asian inspired meal.  Serve it room temperature with soba noodles or brown rice for a filling meal. So here goes !


1 lb chicken thighs ( this recipe does not have any oil so the richness of thighs work really well)

1 lb zucchini, sliced

1 tbsp of ground ginger

2 tbsp of dark soy

1 tbsp lime juice

1tsp of red pepper flakes

salt and pepper to taste ( be careful ! soy is salty!!!)


In a hot saucepan, add all the ingredients ( expect the chicken and zucchini) and mix them thoroughly.

Add the chicken pieces and cover with water.

Poach chicken till almost cooked through and then add in the zucchini.

Adjust the seasonings and cook till chicken is cooked through and the zucchini is tender.

Serve warm or at room temperature.

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Super Speedy Stirfry

You have frozen vegetables.  The boring microwave kind that taste more like water filled sponges than anything.  So this is what you do.  With a few ingredients that are either sitting on your pantry shelf or a few bucks at the store, you can get this lovely healthy asian style veggie stirfry.  This is how it goes….


Your choice of frozen veggies-I had carrots, peas, broccoli, waterchestnuts and sugar snap peas.

1/4 cup orange marmalade

1/4 cup soy sauce

1/2 Tbsp red pepper flakes

1tsp of ground ginger

Adjust salt and pepper at the very end

Garnish with chopped scallions and sesame seeds


Microwave all the vegetables and warm them through.  Set them aside in a pot.

In the mean time mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and microwave it for 5mins till the jam becomes runny.

Stir in the sauce into the vegetables and simmer for a few minutes till all the vegetables and sauce has combined properly.

Garnish and serve warm with rice or noodles or just as is.

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Sesame Chicken and Broccoli.

Chinese take out is one of the most convenient meals–it is fast, yummy and comforting and also extremely unhealthy.  Just because the food comes with lots of veggies and a good amount of protein, does not mean its good for you.  The sauces are oily and high in sugar content.  So I came up with recipe.  It is fast and super tasty.  I will make this meal at least twice a month (if not more), it reheats really well so you can make a large batch and portion it out and freeze it.  The basic recipe can be modified and you can include pork, beef, shrimp or even scallops.  As for vegetables, you can use mushrooms, babycorn, peppers, chestnuts and the list goes on.


Note: The good things about this recipe is that as long you have all the components it always turns out great.  So depending on the amount chicken you have and how you like your sauce you can adjust the quantity of the ingredients

1 lb of chicken tenders ( cut into pieces)

1 16oz bag of broccoli

2 Tbsp of cornstarch or flour

4 Tbsp of soy sauce

3 Tbsp of Honey

2 Tbsp of ginger paste

2 Tbsp of minced garlic

red pepper flakes ( as hot as you like it)

salt and pepper (to taste–keep in mind that soy sauce is salty)

1 Tbsp of sesame seeds


Toss the chicken pieces in cornstarch with  a little bit salt and pepper and fry till brown in a little bit of olive oil.

Set the chicken aside and in the same pot, add ginger, garlic soy sauce and honey and stir to combine.  Be quick because the sugars in the honey could burn.

Add the broccoli a little bit of water and allow for the sauce to coat the broccoli.

Add back the chicken.  At this point you may need to add a few more dashes of soy sauce, water and honey to allow for some more sauce to stick to the chicken as well

Taste for salt and pepper

Add red pepper flakes sesame seeds, toss and serve hot with rice !

move over take out !